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{{Infobox homebrewapphomebrew/fr
| title = SMSPlus
| image = [[imageFile:MasterSystem.gif]]| description = Emulateur Sega Master System / Game Gear| type = Emulationconsole emulator
| author = Eke-eke
| download = [ Google Code]| source = [ Google Code]| peripherals = {{wiimote2}} {{NunchuckSensorBar}} {{Nunchuk}} {{ClassicController}} {{GCNController}} {{WiiZapperDVD}} {{FrontSDFrontSDHC}} {{GCNMemoryCardUSBMSD}} {{WiiDiscGCNMemoryCard}} | hbc = 1 | hbb = 1yes
Voici un émulateur de console Sega [ Master System] / [ Game Gear]. C'est un portage de l'émulateur SMS Plus créé par Charles Mac Donald sur Wii avec des optimisations.
== Fonctionalités ==
* Autodetection du mode d'affichage: 480p, 480i, 576i, 288p et 240p.
* Support des ROMs compréssées compressées au format Zip.
* Support des codes Game Genie.
* Support du pistolet Light Phaser de Sega.
* Support du Paddle Sega.
* Support spécial des lunettes 3D
* Support du chargement de ROM à partir de DVD. Attention nécéssite nécessite l'instalation installation d'un logiciel en plus.
== Installation ==
* Copiez le répertoire '''apps''' de l'archive à la racine de votre carter SD pour utiliser avec la chaîne [[Homebrew_ChannelHomebrew Channel/fr|Homebrew_ChannelChaîne Homebrew]].
* Créez les répertoires '''/smsplus/roms''' à la racine de votre carte SD et placez y vos ROMs (.zip, sms, .gg).
** L'émulateur peut aussi aller chercher les ROMs sur DVD-/+R (Taille max 4.7GB, Le format du DVD doit être ISO 9660) mais pour cela il faut installer au préalable [[DVDxDVDX/fr|DVDx]] sur votre Wii. Plus d'informations sur [ HackMii].* Il ne reste plus qu'à mettre la carte SD dans votre Wii et de lancer l'émulateur via la chaîne [[Homebrew_ChannelHomebrew Channel/fr|Homebrew_ChannelChaîne Homebrew]].
== Contrôles (par défaut)==
Pour utiliser le Phaser il faut utiliser {{WiimoteAButton}} pour tirer et {{WiimoteAim}} ou {{WiimoteDPad}}/{{ClassicDPad}} ou {{NunchuckControlStick‎}}/{{ClassicLControlStick‎}} pour viser. Il est préférable d'utiliser le {{WiiZapper}} pour plus de fun.
{| class="wikitable" style="left;text-align:center;"
! {{GCNController}} || {{Wiimote1WiimoteHorizontal}} Horizontale || {{Wiimote1Wiimote}}+{{NunchuckNunchuk}} || {{ClassicController}} || Action
| {{GCControlStick}} ou {{GCDPad}} || {{WiimoteDPad}} || {{WiimoteDPad}} ou {{NunchuckControlStick‎}} || {{ClassicDPad}} ou {{ClassicLControlStick‎}} || Pad de la SMS
{| class="wikitable" style="left;text-align:center;"
! {{GCNController}} || {{Wiimote1Wiimote}} || {{Wiimote1Wiimote}}+{{NunchuckNunchuk}} || {{ClassicController}} || Action
| {{GCControlStick}} ou {{GCDPad}} || {{WiimoteDPad}} || {WiimoteDPad}} ou {{NunchuckControlStick‎}} || {{WiimoteDPad}} ou {{NunchuckControlStick‎}} || Sélectionner un objet
{| class="wikitable" style="left;text-align:center;"
! {{GCNController}} || {{Wiimote1Wiimote}} || {{Wiimote1Wiimote}}+{{NunchuckNunchuk}} || {{ClassicController}} || Action
| {{GCAButton}} || {{WiimoteAButton}} || {{WiimoteAButton}} || {{ClassicAButton}} || Charger le fichier sélectionné
== ChangeLog ==
===26/08/2008=== [NGC/Wii] - * added ROM History for faster ROM access (Marty Disibio) - * added DVD support in Wii mode (no modchip required)
===15/07/2008=== [SMS, GG] - * added an option to disable original Sprite Limit emulation (reduce sprite flickering) - * added an option to display the hidden parts of the original Game Gear LCD screen - * added Laser Ghost in "Light Phaser" game database - * fixed a bug which prevented "normal" games displaying correctly after loading a 3D game
[NGC/Wii] - * added automatic alphabetical filesorting (Marty Disibio) - * fixed Wii/Gamecube RESET button handler (softreset) - * added support for horizontal wiimote handling in Menu (activated when wiimote is not pointed towards the screen) - * added custom input ports setting (PHASER,PADDLE, GAMEPAD or NONE), this is still automatically set for games which need specific peripherals - * keys mapping are now saved in config file - * when Classic Controller is inserted in Port #1, Wiimote #1 can now be used to control player #2 - * "Soft-Reset" key is now fixed to avoid accidental resets: Buttons + & - on wiimote/classic controller, Triggers L & R on gamecube pad - * fixed "stretch" mode being canceled after loading a new game - * fixed SMS BIOS detection (place the BIOS rom on SDCARD in /smsplus/SMS_BIOS.sms)
===01/06/2008=== [SMS, GG] - * fixed port $3E emulation: fix Gain Ground, Ninja Gaiden,... - * added Paddle emulation: fix inputs in all games requiring paddle (Alex Kidd BMX Trial, Megumi Rescue,...), best handled using D-Pad or Analog Sticks. - * added LightPhaser emulation: fix inputs in all games requiring the lightgun (Wanted, Rambo III, Operation Wolf,...), best handled through Wiimote IR pointing, can also be used through D-Pad or Analog Sticks.
[NGC/Wii] - * added full horizontal scaling (up to 720 pixels) when using "stretch" aspect mode (use Xscale to increase width) - * added progressive mode support (480p) in menu also - * added automatic FreezeState support (OFF by default, check "system options") - * added automatic config file support - * /smsplus/saves is now automatically created if it does not exist - * assigned Reset Button to SMS Soft-Reset
[Wii only] - * added automatic TV mode detection (from SYSCONF), no more PAL60 version needed - * added option to return to Wii System Menu - * fixed "TP reload" option: now compatible with HB channel - * removed SD-Gekko support (Wii slot becomes default slot) - * added Wii SD slot support for SRAM & FreezeState files - * added Wiimote, Nunchuk & Classic controllers support through libwiiuse (see User Manual for default keys) - * added customizable key mapping (for each configurations: gamepad, wiimote only, wiimote+nunchuk or classic)
=== 2008.04.19 === [SMS, GG] - * fixed VDP init when loading savestate: fix graphics in games using TMS9918 mode - * added port $3E emulation and full SMS BIOS support (see user notes) - * implemented SMS1 VDP "tilemap mirroring" bug: fix Y's (J) status bar when running in SMS1 mode - * updated Z80 core to last version (fix some undocumented behaviour): fix Rambo 3 "Game Over" screen & Robocop 3 "pause" bug - * corrected PAL CPU clock value - * modified FM Unit detection: fix FM music in many japanese games - * added full overscan emulation: when enabled, aspect ratio is exactly like on original hardware, including borders (horizontal borders are generally completely hidden under TV edges) - * corrected Game Gear VDP handlers in SMS mode: fix colors in GG-MS mode - * improved Codemasters Mapper emulation: fix Excellent Dizzy Collection & Ernie Els Golf - * added Korean Mapper emulation: fix Sangokushi III & Dodgeball King - * adjusted SMS color palette values (compared side by side with a real PAL SMS 2) - * fixed Hcounter table (thanks to FluBBa)
[NGC/Wii] - * added support for original video mode (240p/288p): this makes games looking exactly like on original hardware (including scanlines) - * added "Aspect" option to switch between Original (correct aspect ratio with borders) and Fit Screen (full screen) display modes - * added "Xshift" & "Yshift" settings to let you adjust display area while keeping the original aspect ratio - * added "Border" option to enable/disable borders color emulation - * added "Palette" option to let you choose the Brightness level: RVB (darkest), Normal , Bright - * added Wii mode support (including front SD rom loading with LFN, TP reload, ...) - * added EURGB60 & PAL 50hz TV modes support - * added 480p (progressive) rendering mode support in Wii mode (not supported by the PAL60 version, use the other one !)


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