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The main focus has been DVD-Video playback on modified and unmodified consoles.
Although you can open and view various media files from SD card, this is
largely untested. At this time it can not read files off data DVD'sDVDs, just
DVD-Video discs.
* High bitrate video streams may lead to dropped frames. This really depends on the used DVD-Video. Some fullscreen movies seem to have the same issue.
* Hiding the menu and disabling subtitles improves the performace a little.
* Playing DVD's DVDs with libdvdnav is buggy and decreases performace (read: way more dropped frames)
* Choosing a DTS audio track results in noise and breaks things.
* Choosing non-playable files from SD makes it crash & burn.
<nowiki>*</nowiki>When watching DVD's DVDs using libdvdnav, the {{Wiimote2Button}} {{GCYButton}} buttons become modifier keys.<br>
Hold this key and navigate with {{WiimoteDPadRight}} {{WiimoteDPadLeft}} {{WiimoteDPadUp}} {{WiimoteDPadDown}} {{WiimoteAButton}} {{WiimoteBButton}} {{Wiimote1Button}} {{GCXButton}}.


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