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* '''09 August 08''': [[User:Muzer|Muzer]] has updated his very basic text viewer called [[Homebrew apps/txt-read|txt-read]] to version 0.3. This version now asks you if you want to display line numbers or not. He then updated it to 0.4, which is just a bugfix release.
* '''09 August 08''': [[User:Muzer|Muzer]] released a very basic text viewer called [[Homebrew apps/txt-read|txt-read]].
* '''07 August 08''': [[User:marcan|Marcan]] from Team Twiizers released [[Homebrew apps/Menu Loader|Menu Loader 0.4]]. Which can be used to test systemmenu hacks without changing it on the NAND.
* '''07 August 08''': [[User:Crediar|Crediar]] has updated his wii menu hack installer, now named [[Homebrew apps/Starfall|Starfall]]. This version now includes region-free GC gaming and video mode patch.
* '''05 August 08''': [[User:DragonMinded|DragonMinded]] has released [[Homebrew apps/DragonMedia Player|DragonMedia Player 0.14 Beta]], with almost ten new emulated formats and a usb crash fix.

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