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'''Development''' of wii home brew apps is both fun and challenging. If you want to wanna develop home brew apps app for the wii you will need some things.==Contents====Determination==Your going to need the followingto be very determined to make a good app.Don't believe me see here [[Homebrew_Channel]] Team Twiizer has been working on this for at least 6 months.So determination is key.
1==Patience==It takes a while to completely debug a app so be ready to debug a lot.Determination
2==Coding Knowledge==You need to know at least some code.C++ is a good start and the language the wii uses.PATIENCE
3==Idea==A good app always starts with a good app.Coding Knowledge
4.Ideas==Time==5It takes time to make a good app for the wii like and iso loader.Time
If you have these thing then what are you waiting for develop some apps already!


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