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{{Infobox homebrewapp
| title = Mandelbrot
| image = [[Image:Mandel.png]]
| desc = Mandelbrot Demo
| type = Math
| author = krupkat
| download = [[|Wii Version]]<br>[[|PC Version]]
| source = No
| peripherals = {{GCNController}}
This is a Mandelbrot set generator, you could have seen them on other platforms as well e.g. FractInt for PC.
<br>I wrote it some time ago for PC but never released it. Then I accidentaly downloaded devkitPro and here you have it :)
Thanks to Daniel Egnar, Tom Schumm and Jussi Kantola for their palettes.
You can load it with Front SD ELF Loader, I haven't tried the other possibilities but they should work.<br>
start + Z - resets to loader<br>
==Notes=Download=== Wii version: [[|]]The Wii zip seems to be a rar PC version: [[|]]
Feel free to write comments to: krupkat(at)seznam(dot)cz


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