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[ zip rev 3256533083]
wii: - sd card - wiimote or gamecube controller in port 1 gamecube: - sd card - sd gecko adapter - gamecube controller in port 1
- copy the "scummvm" folder into the "/apps" folder to the root of your sd card - copy your demos and/or games onto the same sd card each game goes into its own subdirectory, do not place those under "/apps/scummvm", and do not set the "theme" or "extra" path to that folder freeware versions: demos:
wii: either use the homebrew channel, available at
http: or load "/apps/hbcscummvm/" with your favorite loader
or gamecube: load "boot/apps/scummvm/scummvm-gc.dol" with your favorite loader
====Changelog (Wii specific)====
* rev 33083
** fixed another savegame issue
** support for the reset and power button
** added a gamecube port
* rev 32565
** the wii port is now official

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