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==Remote Debugging with GDB==
[[DevkitProdevkitPro]] comes with provides gdb, the gnu debugger, which has been configured to allow remote debugging over the [[USBGecko|USB Gecko]]. You compile a stub of code into your wii program and run the debugger on your pc. Firstly include the code which establishes the connection:
#include <debug.h>
Your wii code must be compiled with the option -g linked with the option -ldb, included before other libraries such as -logc.
Start your wii code using normal means such as the homebrew channel. There are three debugging commands tools available with from devkitPro which are:
* powerpc-gekko-gdb: the basic text version of gdb driven from the command line
* powerpc-gekko-gdbtui: a version of gdb which includes a text window showing the source code of your application
* powerpc-gekko-insight: a custom version of [ Insight], a full GUI built on top of gdb, available as a separate package within from devkitPro
Assuming that you have started the text based gdb, at the command prompt type:
target remote /dev/ttyUSB0
On windows you need to install the Virtual COM Port driver for USBGecko, this will provide an additional COM port.
target remote COM5
replace COM5 with the port installed by the USBGecko VCP driver.
Tell gdb where to find symbol information by typing


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