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Added specific request re: broken utf-8 in response to bushing's initial answer
:Precis: non-7-bit characters come out wrong. XML should support UTF-8 but the channel doesn't render it right. "ç" for example, in UTF-8 is 0xC3 0xA7, renders as "ç", because that's what the font holds for those chars. Using encoding that matches the font makes the parser reject the XML as invalid UTF-8, so accented chars are unusable.
::Yes, exactly. Here are three potential solutions: (1) support UTF-8 fully which, ideally, is what I would like (2) choose an alternate metadata format that doesn't have to go through an XML parser in the first place and is expected to be windows-1252 (3) use an XML parser that supports windows-1252 as a charset (not sure if one exists outside of Microsoft though).
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