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More info on prefixes, as the DSi server seems to have Wii titles as well
:'''ErrorCode''' - 0 on success
:'''ContentPrefixURL''' - always (HTTP before [[2.0rev03]])
:'''UncachedPrefixURL''' - always http (HTTP before 2.0rev03, this is the URL the Wii uses)
:Several '''TitleVersion''' structs:
::'''TitleId''' - 16-digit title ID in hex
== Download a TMD, ticket, or content ==
There are a few prefixes that point to NUS. HTTP and HTTPS do not matter.
* (does not seem to work)
These can be downloaded from <prefix>/<titleid>/<name>, where prefix is the base URL returned from the SOAP request, titleid is the title ID in hex, and name is one of three things:
* tmd[version] - downloads the TMD for the version provided, or the latest version if no version is provided

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