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Mentioned 3.5
* [[BootMii]] as an [[IOS]], is installed to this slot.
* [[PatchMii]] installs to this slot.
* [[3.4]] and [[3.5]] included a copy of [[IOS9]] as IOS254 to overwrite PatchMii, as that was the last place (besides [[IOS16]]) the [[signing bug]] could be exploited. Each IOS9 update was then copied to this IOS.
* The [[4.3]] update included a [[Stub IOS]] in this slot, in an attempt to overwrite BootMii/IOS, which succeeded for BootMii versions earlier than 1.4. Versions 1.4 and above use version 65281 to prevent this.
| No
| Yes
| Included in [[3.4]] update and 3.5 updates to block [[PatchMii]] (copy of [[IOS9]]).
| v3

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