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To query a list of titles, a SOAP request is sent to /nus/services/NetUpdateSOAP, with action The result is an XML structure containing all titles.
=== Download a TMD , ticket, or content===A TMD for a given title These can be downloaded from /ccs/download/<titleid>/tmd[version]<name>, where titleid is the title ID in hex, and omitting name is one of three things:* tmd[version] - downloads the TMD for the version uses provided, or the latest version.if no version is provided=== Download a ticket ===A title's ticket can be downloaded from /ccs/download/<titleid>/* cetk, where titleid is - downloads the title ID in hex.ticket=== Download contents ===Any content can be downloaded with a request to /ccs/download/<titleid>/* <contentid>, where titleid is the title ID in hex, and contentid is the - downloads a specific content ID in hex.
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