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elaborate on ARAM
The GameCube has one 24MB bank of 1T SRAM that is used for all code and data, spread across two external chips; there is also a chip containing 16MB of ARAM, which could be used for storing data(though it was not directly mapped into memory, instead only being accessible via [[Hardware/DSP|DSP]]).
The Wii moves all 24MB of 1T-SRAM (referred to as MEM1) inside the Hollywood package, and adds an additional 64MB of GDDR3 RAM (MEM2). During normal operation, IOS reserves the upper 12-16MB of MEM2 for its own use; the rest can freely be used for code or data by running PPC code. MEM1 is slightly faster than MEM2. The Wii does not have the ARAM chip; instead, DSP can access MEM1 or MEM2. When using [[MIOS]], the bottom 16 MB of MEM2 is used to emulate ARAM; the [[Tweezer Attack]] allowed accessing the rest of MEM2.
The IOS Heap range is usually 0x933E0000 – 0x93400000, as shown in registers 0x80003130(Start), 0x80003134(End). Pointers in this area are often passed back and forth between IOS and code running on Broadway. The top of MEM2 memory is allocated to IOS, and protected from access by some registers (TODO).


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