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There are two copies of boot2 housed in [[Hardware/NAND|NAND]] blocks 1-7 in case of failure, loaded by [[boot1]]. Additionally, a copy of boot2 exists as title 1-1 in the NAND filesystem.
boot2 was updated in the [[System Menu 4.2|4.2 update]] to [[boot2v4]], the only time Nintendo has ever pushed a boot2 update. This was done by installing boot2 as title 1-1{{Check}}, then calling ES_ImportBoot to install it into the boot2 region of the NAND. Unfortunately, Nintendo did not test ES_ImportBoot very well, which led to many Wiis receiving a [[Brick#Low-level brickLevel Brick (LLB)|low-level brick]], even if they were previously unmodded.
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