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[[:/00010001 - VCtitle/00000001|/00000001]] -GamesSystem Titles (Wii Menu, Boot2, and IOS)
[[:/title/00010008|/00010008]] 00010000 - Eula/RegionSelectSave files for games
/00010002 00010001 - Weather/News-Channel and other channelsInstalled Titles
/00010000 00010002 - Savefiles for gamesPre-installed Channels ([[Forecast Channel]], [[News Channel]], [[Mii Channel]], and [[Wii Shop Channel]])
/00010004 - Game Channels (games that use a channel - Mario Kart Channel and Wii Fit (Plus) Channel) /00010005 - Game DLC [[:/title/0000000100010008|/0000000100010008]] - WiiSystemmenu and IOSsHidden Channels (EULA, Region Select, Set Personal Data)
[[Category:Wii Filesystem]]


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