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#REDIRECT The '''Virtual Console''' (abbreviated '''VC''') is a platform to play retro games on your Nintendo Wii. For more information about the VC visit the VC page of [ Wikipedia]. == Internal game names ==The folders in which the Virtual Console files (content.bin) are saved have systematic, four-character names. The first character tells us what system the ROM belongs to. <!--A : Early DS cards, early GBA carts and GBC carts--><!--B : Late GBA carts-->C : Commodore 64<br />E : Neo-Geo<br />F : NES<br /> <!--also used for the GBA NES CLASSICS--><!--G : Gamecube DVDs-->H : Wii channels (Only for saved channels, not VC)<br />J : SNES<br /> L : Master System<br />M : Genesis/Mega Drive<br />N : N64<br />P : [ TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine]<br />Q : TurboGrafx-CD<br />R : Wii DVD (Only for savegames, not VC)<br />W : [ WiiWare]<!--Y : Newer DS cards--> The second and third char is the game identifier. For non-Wii games, it is incremented from AA to AZ, then A0 to A9, BA to BZ and so on; for Wii games, it is often an abbreviation of the game name (e.g. "SP" for Wii Sports, "ZD" for Zelda). The last character is the region code. E : USA<br />J : Japan<br />P : Europe (and other PAL regions such as Australia)<br />D : Germany (only if separate version)<br />F : France (only if separate version)<br />I : Italian (only if separate version)<br />S : Spanish (only if separate version)<br />A : All (?, only seen on channels) <br />L : Limited (region free games)<br />M: Import games (confirmed for Japaness imports in Europe)<br />N: Import games (confirmed in Japeness imports in US)<br /> Let's take F-Zero as an example. The folder for F-Zero (USA) is named JACE. The 'J' tells us it's a SNES game, followed by 'AC' which tells us this is probably the third game released for the SNES and the 'E' tells us it's a USA release. == The content.bin file ==When saved to a SD card, the VC game is saved in a file named "private/wii/title/XXXX/content.bin", where XXXX is the four-character name of the game, as described above. See the [[content.bin file structure|content.bin file format]] page for details of this format, which is shared with Wii Pointschannels. == Virtual Console Game ID List ==The fourth letter not listed. As you can read above, the regioncode character use to be E=USA J=Japan P=Europe, however some games use a more specific character. D=Germany F=France A=All (?, only seen on channels) L=Limited (region free games) N=Import (confirmed for US Imports) === Commodore 64 ==={| class="wikitable sortable" style="width: 38.2%; font-size: 90%;"|-! style="width: 3em;" | ID! Title|-| C93| The Last Ninja 2|-| C94| Nebulus|-| C95| Impossible Mission|-| C96| Summer Games 2|-| C97| California Games|-| C98| Paradroid|-| C99| Uridium|-| C9E| Winter Games|-| C9G| Mayhem in Monsterland|-| C9H| Boulder Dash|-| C9I| Cybernoid|-| C9M| Pitstop II|-| C9P| Last Ninja 3|-| C9Q| Jumpman|-| C9R| International Karate +|-| C9S| Impossible Mission II|-| C9X| The Last Ninja|-| C9Y| International Karate|-| C9Z| World Games|} === Neo Geo ==={| class="wikitable sortable" style="width: 38.2%; font-size: 90%;"|-! style="width: 3em;" | ID! Title|-| EA2| Metal Slug 2|-| EAA| FATAL FURY|-| EAB | World Heroes|-| EAC| Magician Lord |-| EAD| ART OF FIGHTING|-| EAE| Samurai Shodown|-| EAF| BLUE'S JOURNEY|-| EAG| THE KING OF FIGHTERS '94|-| EAH| BASEBALL STARS 2|-| EAI| TOP HUNTER|-| EAJ| Metal Slug|-| EAK| Burning Fight|-| EAL| Art of Fighting 2|-| EAM| Ninja Combat|-| EAN| Fatal Fury 2|-| EAO| King of the Monsters|-| EAP| Ninja Commando|-| EAR| Neo Turf Masters|-| EAS| Samurai Shodown II|} === Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) ==={| class="wikitable sortable" style="width: 38.2%; font-size: 90%;"|-! style="width: 3em;" | ID! Title|-| FA6| Donkey Kong Jr. Math|-| FA7| Mario & Yoshi|-| FA8| Kirby's Adventure|-| FA9| Zelda II: The Adventure of Link|-| FAA| Donkey Kong|-| FAB| Donkey Kong Jr.|-| FAC| Pinball|-| FAD| Gomoku Narabe Renju|-| FAF| Mario Bros.|-| FAG| Super Mario Bros.|-| FAH| Tennis|-| FAI| Soccer|-| FAJ| Ice Hockey|-| FAK| The Legend of Zelda|-| FAL| Baseball|-| FAM| Wario's Woods|-| FAN| Urban Champion|-| FAO| Solomon's Key|-| FAP| NES Open Tournament Golf|-| FAQ| Ninja JaJaMaru-kun|-| FAR| Gradius|-| FAS| Xevious|-| FAT| The Legend of Kage|-| FAV| Tecmo Bowl|-| FAW| Elevator Action|-| FAX| Pac-Man|-| FB2| Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels|-| FB4| Lunar Pool|-| FB5| ZANAC|-| FBB| Mach Rider|-| FBC| Excitebike|-| FBD| Kid Icarus|-| FBE| Ice Climber|-| FBH| Castlevania|-| FBI| Punch-Out!! / Featuring Mr. Dream|-| FBJ| Mighty Bomb Jack|-| FBK| Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles|-| FBL| Lode Runner|-| FBN| Ninja Gaiden|-| FBR| Galaga|-| FBS| Milon's Secret Castle|-| FBU| ADVENTURES OF LOLO|-| FBY| Super Mario Bros. 2|-| FBZ| Metroid|-| FC3| Bubble Bobble|-| FC6| StarTropics|-| FC7| NES Play Action Football|-| FC8| Castlevania II: Simon's Quest|-| FCA| Star Soldier|-| FCH| FLAPPY|-| FCN| Antarctic Adventure|-| FCP| Balloon Fight|-| FCQ| Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos|-| FCR| Adventure Island|-| FCS| Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces|-| FCT| MEGA MAN|-| FCU| Volleyball|-| FCV| Wrecking Crew|-| FCW| Super Mario Bros. 3|-| FCY| Yoshi’s Cookie|-| FCZ| KING'S KNIGHT|-| FD2| Double Dragon|-| FD6| ADVENTURES OF LOLO 2|-| FDA| Spelunker|-| FDF| Bases Loaded|-| FDG| Ghosts'n Goblins|-| FDL| Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom|-| FDN| MEGA MAN2|-| FDO| OPERATION WOLF|-| FDP| Blades of Steel|-| FDQ| Double Dribble|-| FDR| Skate or Die|-| FDT| Renegade|-| FDV| River City Ransom|-| FEC| SKYKID|-| FEI| City Connection|} === Super Nintendo (SNES) ==={| class="wikitable sortabe" style="width: 38.2%; font-size: 90%;"|-! style="width: 3em;" | ID! Title|-| JA4| Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts|-| JA7| ActRaiser|-| JA8| Final Fight|-| JAA| Super Mario World|-| JAB| Mario’s Super Picross|-| JAC| F-Zero|-| JAD| The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past|-| JAE| Donkey Kong Country|-| JAF| SimCity|-| JAH| R-TYPE: THE THIRD LIGHTNING|-| JAI| Super Castlevania IV|-| JAJ| Street Fighter II: The World Warrior|-| JAL| Contra III: The Alien Wars|-| JAL| CONTRA : THE ALIEN WARS|-| JAL| Super Probotector: Alien Rebels|-| JAM| Gradius III|-| JAV| Super Metroid|-| JAW| ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS IV Wall of Fire|-| JAZ| The Legend of The Mystical Ninja|-| JB3| Harvest Moon|-| JBA| Metal Marines|-| JBB| SUPER STREET FIGHTER II: THE NEW CHALLENGERS|-| JBC| Kirby's Dream Course|-| JBD| Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest|-| JBI| Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighting|-| JBK| Breath of Fire II|-| JBL| Pac-Attack|-| JBP| Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble|-| JBQ| Kirby’s Ghost Trap|-| JBR| Vegas Stakes|-| JBS| Axelay|-| JBT| Super Turrican|-| JBW| Cybernator|-| JBY| Super R-Type|-| JCA| DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure|} === Master System ==={| class="wikitable sortable" style="width: 38.2%; font-size: 90%;"|-! style="width: 3em;" | ID! Title|-| LAB| Fantasy Zone|-| LAC| Wonder Boy|-| LAD| Phantasy Star|-| LAE| Alex Kidd In Miracle World|-| LAF| Secret Command|-| LAG| Sonic The Hedgehog|-| LAH| Space Harrier|-| LAI| Enduro Racer|-| LAJ| Sonic The Hedgehog 2|-| LAK| Wonder Boy in Monster Land|-| LAL| Fantasy Zone II|-| LAM| Sonic Chaos|-| LAN| Alex Kidd: The Lost Star|-| LAO| R-TYPE|-| LAP| Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap|-| LAQ| Alex Kidd in Shinobi World|} === Mega Drive / Genesis ==={| class="wikitable sortable" style="width: 38.2%; font-size: 90%;"|-! style="width: 3em;" | ID! Title|-| MA3| Puyo Puyo 2|-| MA6| Streets of Rage 2|-| MA7| Shining in the Darkness|-| MA8| Ecco: The Tides of Time|-| MAA| Altered Beast|-| MAB| Columns|-| MAC| Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine|-| MAD| Ecco the Dolphin|-| MAE| Golden Axe|-| MAF| Gunstar Heroes|-| MAG| Ristar|-| MAH| Sonic The Hedgehog|-| MAI| Space Harrier II|-| MAJ| ToeJam & Earl|-| MAL| Bonanza Bros.|-| MAM| Sword of Vermilion|-| MAO| Bio-Hazard Battle|-| MAP| Comix Zone|-| MAQ| Streets of Rage|-| MAR| The Story of Thor|-| MAS| VECTORMAN|-| MAT| Sonic Spinball|-| MAV| Wonder Boy in Monster World|-| MAW| Virtua Fighter 2|-| MAX| Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle|-| MAY| Alien Storm|-| MAZ| ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron|-| MB7| Mega Turrican|-| MB8| Phantasy Star II|-| MBB| Sonic The Hedgehog 2|-| MBC| Kid Chameleon|-| MBD| Golden Axe II|-| MBE| Shining Force|-| MBF| Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master|-| MBG| Dynamite Headdy|-| MBI| Landstalker: Treasures of King Nole|-| MBJ| Ghouls'n Ghosts|-| MBK| Crack Down|-| MBL| ESWAT:City Under Siege|-| MBM| Sonic The Hedgehog 3|-| MBO| Golden Axe III|-| MBP| Super Thunder Blade|-| MBQ| Streets of Rage 3|-| MBR| Rolling Thunder 2|-| MBT| Alien Soldier|-| MBU| Sonic 3D Blast|-| MBW| Columns III: Revenge of Columns|-| MBX| Ecco Jr.|-| MBY| Light Crusader|-| MBZ| Eternal Champions|-| MCA| Gley Lancer|-| MCB| POWERBALL|-| MCC| Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom|} === Nintendo 64 ==={| class="wikitable sortable" style="width: 38.2%; font-size: 90%;"|-! style="width: 3em;" | ID! Title|-| NAA| Super Mario 64|-| NAB| Mario Kart 64|-| NAC| The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time|-| NAD| Star Fox 64 / Lylat Wars|-| NAE| Paper Mario|-| NAF| F-Zero X|-| NAH| Yoshi's Story|-| NAI| Wave Race 64|-| NAJ| Sin & Punishment|-| NAK| Pokémon Snap|-| NAL| Super Smash Bros.|-| NAM| Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards|-| NAN| Pokémon Puzzle League|-| NAO| 1080°: TenEighty Snowboarding|-| NAR| The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask|-| NAS| Cruis'n USA|-| NAU| Mario Golf|-| NAY| Ogre Battle 64 : Person of Lordly Caliber|} === TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine ==={| class="wikitable sortable" style="width: 38.2%; font-size: 90%;"|-! style="width: 3em;" | ID! Title|-| PA6| Bloody Wolf|-| PA7| Alien Crush|-| PA8| ORDYNE|-| PA9| SPLATTERHOUSE|-| PAA| Bomberman’93|-| PAB| Bonk's Adventure|-| PAC| Dungeon Explorer|-| PAD| R-TYPE|-| PAE| Super Star Soldier|-| PAF| Victory Run|-| PAH| BATTLE LODE RUNNER|-| PAI| New Adventure Island|-| PAJ| Necromancer|-| PAK| Dragon's Curse|-| PAL| Soldier Blade|-| PAM| Neutopia|-| PAN| Military Madness|-| PAO| Final Soldier|-| PAV| VIGILANTE|-| PAW| GALAGA '90|-| PB2| Neutopia|-| PB3| Devil's Crush|-| PB6| Cratermaze|-| PB8| Blazing Lazers|-| PB9| World Sports Competition|-| PBA| DRAGON SPIRIT|-| PBD| Double Dungeons|-| PBE| Moto Roader|-| PBH| Bonk's Revenge|-| PBI| Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure|-| PBJ| SAMURAI-GHOST|-| PBM| LEGEND OF HERO TONMA|-| PBN| Ninja Spirit|-| PBS| Chew Man Fu|-| PBT| China Warrior|-| PBU| BRAVOMAN|-| PBW| Air "Zonk"|-| PBX| Shockman|-| PBZ| J.J. & JEFF|-| PCA| Silent Debuggers|-| PCB| Dead Moon|-| PCE| Power Golf|-| PCH| Drop Off|-| PCO| Psychosis|-| PCR| Break In|-| PCS| Digital Champ: Battle Boxing|-| PCV| World Class Baseball|} === TurboGrafx-CD ==={| class="wikitable sortable" style="width: 38.2%; font-size: 90%;"|-! style="width: 3em;" | ID! Title|-| QAA| Super Air Zonk|-| QAC| Cho Aniki|-| QAD| GRADIUS / GOFER NO YABOU|-| QAF| The Dynastic Hero|-| QAG| Gate of Thunder|-| QAS| Lords of Thunder|-| QAT| Riot Zone|-| QAU| Monster Lair|-| QAW| Star Parodier|} === WiiWare ==={| class="wikitable sortable" style="width: 38.2%; font-size: 90%;"|-! style="width: 3em;" | ID! Title|-| WB6| TV Show King|-| WBQ| Star Soldier R|-| WBS| Pop|-| WBW| Critter Round-Up|-| WDF| Defend your Castle|-| WDM| Dr. Mario & Germ Buster|-| WFC| Final Fantasy - My Life as a King|-| WLP| LONPOS|-| WLW| LostWinds|-| WPP| Family Table Tennis|-| WTT| Toki Tori|-| WVC| V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack|-| WR9| Mega Man 9|} [[Category:Software]]

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