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Be even more specific about contents in DLCs.
=== Backup WADs ===
Format used by [[content.bin]] files to store content data from a title channel copied or transferred to the SD card, which get saved to <code>/private/wii/title/<low_tid_ascii>/content.bin</code>.
Also used by downloadable content data stored in the SD card, which gets saved to <code>/private/wii/data/<low_tid_ascii>/<index>.bin</code> - in this context, <code><index></code> represents a specific content index value from a TMD content record, expressed as a 3-digit number in base 10 notation (e.g. <code>000.bin</code>).
[[Savegame Files|Savegames]] use the same exact header, albeit with different fields filled and with an entirely different structure for the rest of the file.
In a hex editor, the beginning of any backup WAD will be <code>00 00 00 70 42 6B 00 01</code>. This can be useful to extract an embedded backup WAD from a bigger file (such as [[content.bin]] files).
Please note that, unlike <code>content.bin</code> files from channels, each DLC <code><index>.bin</code> file only holds a single encrypted content. This also means that a single bit from the entire included contents bitfield is enabled.
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