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== How to play ==
Ensure that you try out the 4 different control options and find the one that you can use the best. Most times you have to balance you your ability to shoot with you your ability to dodge.
The green ring around you your ship indicates your "force field" or life bar - if it gets too small you will die and get a GameOver. One button shoots your standard gun and the other button fires the alternate weapon that protects the shipsends a burst out in all directions. Pressing both buttons together will fire a forward-concentrated burst. Alternate The alternate fire is modes are limited by the amount of coins you collect. Total coins collected is indicated by a bar at the top right of the screen.
The bar below the coin bar is your heat gauge (top right). If you overheat you will not be able to shoot until you cool down.
It is a game of survival, space rockets and aliens. There is a radar on which you can see your current position, the planet, asteroids and enemies. If you go past the edge of the play field you will warp to the other side.
You can also build a combo if you destroy asteroids quickly and continuously. You have 4 seconds before the combo gets added to your scoreis broken. There is a meter for this at the top left of the screen. The larger the combo, the more points it will score.
The bottom of the screen shows you how many enemies and asteroids are left, the weapon power -up that you collected and your current score.
== Controller ==


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