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Use an archive of and the new Android source site with what's most likely the same as given
The wireless hardware on the Wii is a [ BCM4318-based daughterboard] that connects to the Hollywood via an internal SDIO bus. Information on this device is scarce.
See for additional information.
IOS's WL driver contains a lot of code that matches up with the code in the [httphttps://android.gitgooglesource.kernel.orgcom/?p=platform/systemhardware/broadcom/wlan/broadcom.git;a=summary +/refs/heads/eclair-release/ Android broadcom.git] repo, specifically [httphttps://android.gitgooglesource.kernel.orgcom/?p=platform/systemhardware/broadcom/wlan/broadcom.git;a=blob_plain;f=+/refs/heads/eclair-release/bcm4329/src/bcmsdio/sys/bcmsdh.c;hb=master bcmsdh.c] and [httphttps://android.gitgooglesource.kernel.orgcom/?p=platform/systemhardware/broadcom/wlan/broadcom.git;a=blob;f=+/refs/heads/eclair-release/bcm4329/src/bcmsdio/sys/bcmsdstd.c;hb=master bcmsdstd.c]. That driver, combined with the knowledge that the BCM4318 is connected to the Hollywood via a standard SDHC at 0x0d080000, is probably enough to get Wifi WiFi working.


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