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:::: Don't overthink the crosshair; all it needs is a simple indicator on the screen that shows where the gun is aiming. It would be most helpful for the guns that shoot straight bullets, but even with like the vaporizer or missiles, it would help you determine the height you are aiming, so it's not too high or low.
:::: Oh, and for help screens, it could just be as simple as taking screenshots of the text & pages on your website, and allow paging through those images somewhere in the game. Easy. Though a help phone line would be pretty funny, hah. Speaking of your website, the images that cycle at the top don't all have a uniform height, and that causes the text below to constantly move up and down when I'm trying to read it. It may have to do with me using an outdated browser, but it makes reading really difficult! Does your website have a helpline I can call to complain? ;) --[[User:Mr. Reaper|Mr. Reaper]] ([[User talk:Mr. Reaper|talk]]) 19:16, 10 September 2018 (CEST)
;Weapon balance
I was just giving each weapon a good testing. The turrets seem pretty lame. Especially the light one. Maybe better splash damage would help them. The Light one definitely needs a better rate of fire from the start. I couldn't make it very far using the turrets. The Rockets seem pretty nice. They seem well-balanced. I thought the Vaporizer was overpowered. Just using it alone I made it pretty far. I think it should be limited to be a close-range weapon, perhaps having an arcing trajectory so that the shots can't travel very fer. Then I tried the laser, and the Vaporizer no longer looked so over-powered, heh. I scored like 5000 points just using the Laser. It's probably overpowered.... Specifically, the Blue Laser. There are few blue enemies, and the big blue things are slow. Once I upgraded the laser I didn't need to bother switching color even for the blue guys; they went down pretty fast.
It seems like just sticking to a single weapon is the best strategy. Perhaps you need to make more dramatic differences in close vs long range weapons, so that both need to be upgraded and utilized. Like have the missile only work for long-range targets (maybe they won't lock on at short range) and the Vaporizer for shot range, as above. Not sure what you can do with the laser. Maybe a much slower rate of fire so that it becomes difficult to use at close range. The Light Turret could be adjusted to make it better at long range (better ROF and shot speed, but no slash damage), and the Heavy for short (slower but with more splash damage). But that would make 3 long-range guns (Light Turret, Rockets, Laser) and only 2 short-range (Vaporizer, Heavy Turret). Maybe add like an electric pulse shield as a 3rd short-range weapon, which sends out a damaging pulse in all directions, to a limited range....
Anyway, I'm just throwing out ideas. Also, the "ENG" rating is a bit arcane. Perhaps extend the text a bit longer so it could say , "EFFICIENCY" or something a bit more clear as to what it does. --[[User:Mr. Reaper|Mr. Reaper]] ([[User talk:Mr. Reaper|talk]]) 23:56, 11 September 2018 (CEST)


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