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IOS History

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There's no IOS1 or IOS2 because they correspond to 1-1 and 1-2, which are respectively boot2 and the System Menu.
| 0.7.6, 255.0
| v1798, v65280
| Despite the version being 0.7.6 as seen in the SDK, the titleid is IOS3. IOS in beta used the IOS0 title id, then as it neared release they changed to IOS3 (and probably an IOS 1/2 before it we haven't seen). Later on it changed to IOS4 which is the first one that got shipped at retail. IOS3 is used in the factory and comes preinstalled as a stub on some wiis because of it; later version is a stub. The older version is lost but we know it exists because SDK.
| Unavailable
| Mothballed

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