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the Wii release of RetroArch:
* 81 (ZX 80/ZX 81/ZX Spectrum)
* Atari 800 (Atari)
* Final Burn Alpha Cores (CPS1 - CPS2 - NeoGeo) [version]
==Selecting Cores==
RetroArch will select one of the dozen or so emulator/game cores on start-up. The name of the core currently loaded will be shown at the bottom side of the screen. To select a different core - go to the Settings menu (see 'Ingame controls'). Select the option 'Load Core' and hit the A (or 2) button. A filebrowser will appear where you can select a different core. Press A (or 2)to switch to the emulator/game core.
See the RetroArch Wii will create a new input config file for each core you load. All input settings will be saved when RetroArch exits. NOTE: When starting up a new core documentation for setting the first time, you might have to first initialize the input settings. Go to the Settings menu (see 'Ingame controls') and go to 'Controller #number config'. Re-set the 'Device' by going back and forth between a previous device. The controls will be automatically applied. This only has to be done once per core.
* Some GBA games don't run at fullspeed on Wii (VBA Next is a RetroConsole Level 2 emulator port). It will be replaced by a port of gpSP in the near future.
* The biggest Neo-Geo ROMs that can be loaded are around 23+MB in size, such as Real Bout Fatal Fury 1 and King of Fighters '96.


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