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<nowiki>{{Main page box|Welcome!|Main Page/Welcome}}
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! width="22%" | '''Preparing for homebrew'''
! width="23%"| '''Downloading homebrew'''
! width="22%"| '''Developing homebrew'''
! width="23$"| '''add thing here'''
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| Install the '''[[Homebrew Channel]]''' on your Wii console by following the '''[[Homebrew setup|homebrew setup tutorial]]'''.
| Browse the '''[[List of homebrew applications|homebrew directory]]''', or use the '''[[Homebrew Browser]]''', which allows you to install directly from your Wii over Wi-Fi.
| Start developing homebrew for Wii by downloading '''[[devkitPPC]]''' and reading the '''[[Homebrew development|homebrew development guide]]'''.
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{{Main page box|Welcome!|Main Page/Welcome}}
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