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i never said this was allowed. i understand its done for newer wiimotes but the bug is something i can't fix ( due to no knowledge of lwp etc ) and is as real as my mother. right now i dont know if its only active when debug is enabled
| author = [[User:DacoTaco|DacoTaco]]
| contributor = F_GOD,BadUncle
| version = 0.7 (0.8 beta 7)
| source =
| download =
*fixed file booting (thx phpgeek)
==0.8 Beta Version Changelog==[http://wwwCurrently, there is a Priiloader 0.mediafire8 Beta ( #7 ).com/download/3qeiakqc7k924ip/Priiloader_0due to memory instability and bugs in libogc ( related to lwp ) it is not released to public.8beta7_withHacksIt can however be obtained through 0.rar Download 07 by enabling beta updates and downloading the update.8beta7 installer here] The changelog is as following : 
===0.8 Beta 7===
* Fixed Gc controller when updating


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