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Updated apps
== 2013 ==
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=== August 2013 ===
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! width="80px"| Date Added
! Application
| 21 August 2013
*[[Abuse Wii|Abuse Wii v0.8.682.2]]
*Baller Maze v1
*[[Cascade Beneath|CascadeBeneath v1.2]]
*[[Cherophobe|Cherophobe v1.3]]
*[[Cubicle Shooter|Cubicle Shooter v0.5]]
*[[Cylinder Dodge|Cylinder Dodge v1.2]]
*DCVG5K Wii r1
*DontGetCrushed v1.2
*EasyRPG Alpha 1
*[[Elongated Reptile|Elongated Reptile v0.3]]
*[[FBZX Wii|FBZX Wii v10.3]]
*GoodbyeWorld v1.4
*[[Hero City|HeroCity v0.7]]
*[[Hero City 2|Hero City 2 v1.5]]
*[[Maze Generator|Maze Generator v1.6]]
*[[Newo Asteroids|Newo Asteroids v1.6]]
*NewoTokyo v1
*[[OpenTTD|OpenTTD v1.3.2]]
*[[Sketch Fight|Sketch Fight v0.5]]
*SlimeRoll v0.4
*[[Super Pixel Jumper|Super Pixel Jumper v1.2]]
*TheyDoNotDie2 v0.7
*[[Three Point O|Three Point O v1.4]]
*[[TwoPointFive|Two Point Five v1.3]]
*[[UFO Racer|UFO Racer v3.6]]
*[[We Are Nowhere|We Are Nowhere v0.5]]
*[[WiiBrowser|Wiibrowser Rev112]]
*[[Wii Chatter|Wii Chatter v0.3]]
*[[Wii Exhibit|Wii Exhibit v0.5]]
*[[Winters End|Winters End v1.3]]
=== March 2013 ===
*[[Time Frack 3D|Time Frack 3D v0.1]]
*[[UAE Wii|UAE v9.1]]
*[[WiiBrowser|<s>Wiibrowser Rev27]]</s>
*[[WiiEarth|WiiEarth v2.3]]
*[[WiiXplorer|WiiXplorer r249]]


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