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Chronological log below. [[:Category:Homebrew in Homebrew Browser|Alphabetical list.]]
== 2013 ==
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=== February 2013 ===
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! width="80px"| Date Added
! Application
| 16 February 2013
*[[Cascade Beneath|CascadeBeneath v1.1]]
*DontGetCrushed v1.2
*[[FBZX Wii|FBZX Wii v9.0]]
*[[FCE Ultra GX|FCEU v3.3.4]]
*[[| (Frodo) v2.4.1]]
*[[Hero City|HeroCity v0.6]]
*SlimeRoll v0.3
*[[UAE Wii|UAE v9.1]]
*[[WiiEarth|WiiEarth v2.3]]
*[[WiiXplorer|WiiXplorer r249]]
*[[WiiMC|WiiMC v1.3.2]]
*[[WiiVNC|WiiVNC v1.3]]
== 2012 ==
*[[Cubicle Shooter City|Cubicle Shooter City v0.1]]
*[[Elongated Reptile|Elongated Reptile v0.2]]
*[[FBZX Wii|<s>FBZX Wii v6.0]]</s>
*[[GCMM|GCMM v1.4]]
*[[Genesis Plus|Genesis Plus v1.7.3]]
*[[DOSBox Wii|DOSBox Wii v1.7]]
*<s>FBZX Wii v5.0</s>
*[[FCE Ultra GX|<s>FCEU v3.3.1]]</s>
*<s>Genesis Plus v1.7</s>
*<s>Hero City 2 v1.2</s>
*[[Visual Boy Advance GX|Visual Boy Advance v2.2.8]]
*<s>Wii Exhibit v0.1</s>
*[[WiiMC|<s>WiiMC v1.3.0]]</s>
*<s>WiiTweet v0.3</s>
*The Scary Demo v1.0
*[[User:LS|Tunnel v1.0]]
*[[UAE Wii|<s>UAE v9]]</s>
*<s>WiiMC v1.2.6</s>
*<s>Yabause Wii r2888 beta25</s>
*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r114</s>
*<s>SketchFight v0.2</s>
*<s>SlimeRoll v0.2</s>
*<s>Swingball2 v0.3</s>
*<s>TheUnmappedForest v0.2</s>
*[[Accio Hacks|Accio Hacks v1.2]]
*[[|<s> (Frodo) v2.4]]</s>
*<s>Genesis Plus v1.6</s>
*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r111</s>
*<s> (Frodo) v2.2</s>
*[[Gravitii|Gravitii v0.5]]
*[[Hero City|<s>HeroCity v0.4]]</s>
*<s>Newo Puzzle 1.2</s>
*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r104</s>
| 7 April 2011
*[[Cascade Beneath|<s>CascadeBeneath v1.0]]</s>
*<s>Newo Shooter v1.77a</s>
*<s>Genesis Plus v1.5</s>
*<s>SDL MAME Wii v0.6</s>
*Warheads : Scorched Earth v1.0c
*[[WiiXplorer|<s>WiiXplorer r212]]</s>
| 9 January 2011
*[[JzintvWii|jzintvWii v1.0.1]]
*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r90</s>
*[[WiiVNC|<s>WiiVNC v1.2.2]]</s>
| 14 November 2010
*<s>BootMii Configuration Editor v2.6</s>
*<s>cIOS Installer v1.0</s>
*<s>DontGetCrushed v1.0</s>
*Rezerwar v0.2
*<s>TwoPointFive v1.1</s>
*<s>OpenTyrianWii v1.2</s>
*<s>ScummVM v0.14.0 r41364</s>
*[[WiiEarth|<s>WiiEarth v2.2]]</s>
| 5 June 2009


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