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In addition to my moderate expertise with setting up homebrew on the Wii, I'm somewhat knowledgeable with regards to messing with iOS. I am willing to help.[https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/iOS iOS] (not to an extent. I will either point and laugh or facepalm if you did something as stupid as deleting your [[System Menu]]'s be confused with [[IOS]]. Or you updated your Wii through Nintendo because you need the latest and greatest version. Because that's just too stupid!).
==Story of my (Wii's) Life==
Once upon a time, in [http an American, yet dictator-ruled, city], I had a near-launch Wii. Before BootMii was released, I made a few stupid moves and thought I bricked my Wii. (I believe now that I could have recovered if I had patience.) I sent it to United Radio (Nintendo's authorized NY repair facility), as I was convinced I couldn't do anything to repair it. My replacement came with [[System Menu 3.3]] (sans [[Oct. 23 Oct Updates|October 23rd updateUpdate]]) and boot1c (or, the f01e [[boot1]]). I was shocked, extremely happy, and extremely sad, for I could easily hack for homebrew. However, it also meant I am unable to install the beloved BootMii for brick protection.
And they all lived happily ever after.


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