Photo Channel 1.1 dummy

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Photo Channel 1.1 dummy
Title ID00010000-HAZA
Installed fromWii Shop Channel

Photo Channel 1.1 dummy is a channel whose presence is detected by the System Menu, which causes Photo Channel 1.1 to show instead of the main Photo Channel; it is the channel downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel that claims to be Photo Channel 1.1 itself. It is one of the few channels using the title type typically only used on discs. This behavior prevents it from being displayed on the System Menu, but still possible to copy/move to the SD card. It cannot be launched using System Menu 4.0's SD menu.

While this channel cannot be launched on System Menu 3.0 or higher, it still has its IOS set to IOS31, just like Photo Channel 1.1 itself, and the boot content is set to the banner content, as that is the only content. The banner content includes a compressed text file saying that an update is required, and has name photo_dummy.0708211833 with author itoyu@ITOYU-WIN.

If Photo Channel 1.1 is not installed, a special message appears saying a system update is required.