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PPC is an SDK library that provides basic functions to modify Broadway registers from C code.


Signature Description
int PPCMfmsr(void) Returns the value of the MSR
void PPCMtmsr(int newState) Places newState into the MSR
int PPCMfhid0(void) Returns the value stored in HID0
void PPCMthid0(int value) Places value into HID0
int PPCMfl2cr(void) Returns the value of L2CR
void PPCMtl2cr(int newValue) Places newValue in L2CR
void PPCMtdec(int value) Places value in DEC
void PPCSync(void) Enables bitmask 0x8 on HID0 (possibly instruction folding), performs an instruction sync, and restores the old HID0.
void PPCHalt(void) Runs an endless unproductive loop.
void PPCMtmmcr0(int value) Stores value in MMCR0
void PPCMtmmcr1(int value) Stores value in MMCR1
void PPCMtpmc1(int value) Stores value in PMC1
void PPCMtpmc2(int value) Stores value in PMC2
void PPCMtpmc3(int value) Stores value in PMC3
void PPCMtpmc4(int value) Stores value in PMC4
int PPCMffpscr(void) Returns the value stored in FPSCR
void PPCMtfpscr(int newVal) Stores newVal in FPSCR
int PPCMfhid2(void) Returns the value stored in HID2
void PPCMthid2(int newVal) Stores newVal in HID2
void PPCDisableSpeculation(void) Enables instruction coherency in the MSR
void PPCSetFpNonIEEEMode(void) Enables fp_ni
void PPCMthid4(int value) Stores value in HID4