Mario Kart Channel

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Mario Kart Channel
Description Channel that can be installed with Mario Kart Wii
Title ID RMCx
Type Game channel
Installed from Game Disc
Peripherals Wiimote1.svg Internet
Blocks (channel/save) 78

The Mario Kart Channel is a channel that launched at the same time of Mario Kart Wii. This channel allows players from around the world to play each other through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. It uses WiiConnect24 to gather data about time trials & competitions.

Gameplay Options

The Mario Kart Channel shows rankings, allows you to send or receive ghosts and join competitions.

Wii Menu

It is optional to install the Mario Kart Channel to your Wii menu. It allows you to do what the ingame version does, but doesn't require a disc, until you start a Ghost or join a competition.