Mario Kart-PWNS

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Mario Kart-PWNS is a method of loading out-of-region games that requires a drivechip. It is most commonly used to fix error 003, although Bluebomb is now a simpler method.


  1. Dump the out-of-region game (same NTSC/PAL region, or error 001 will appear) to be loaded.
  2. Dump an in-region game that has multiple non-update partitions (for example, Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit).
  3. Delete the non-game partition of the in-region game.
  4. Rename the game partition of the out-of-region game to the non-game partition that was just deleted.
  5. Add this game partition to the in-region disc
  6. Burn to a DVD
  7. Load on the Wii
  8. Perform the actions in-game that load the other partition (for example, load the channel installer)
  9. Other game should now load.