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Guitars On Fire
TypeMusic game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Les Paul Controller USB Keyboard ClassicController.svg GameCube Controller Loads files from the Front SD slot

Guitars On Fire is a Guitar Hero clone, like Guitarfun and FretsOnFire. It uses Frets On Fire compatible songs, which can be found all over the internet. Lots are to be found at FretsOnFire fan forum Everything is released under GPL, which means the code is open for everyone to view and modify if they wish. It borrows graphics from both Guitarfun and FretsOnFire, and contains some new graphics. It does NOT use any of the FretsOnFire code, and only a little bit of the Guitarfun code. So it's a different game with a different feeling to it.


The game is mostly modeled after GuitarHero3, which is the best version so far according to me and my friends.

In it's current state it supports playing single songs from SD card. Up to 5 players in quick play mode. With 4 guitars and 1 USB keyboard. No online multiplayer as of yet. It has no lag and all the notes are perfect on time, compared to FretsOnFire. (Some songs are not done well and just look out of sync)


GuitarsOnFire is designed to be played with Guitars. Currently it supports many of the Wii wireless guitars. And is known to work with the following guitars:

  • GH3 Guitar [1]
  • GH WT Guitar [2]
  • GH Metallica Guitar [3] (Works 100% the same as a WT guitar)
  • Flying V [4]
  • PS2 Guitar with PS2->GameCube converter.

It WON'T EVER work with USB guitars, unless someone figures out how those work. I have reports that the cheapest guitar you can get "Nyko Frontman Wireless Guitar" does NOT work for some reason. I found some hints why, so if someone has one and it willing to test a few things, then leave a message in the talk page.

Next to guitars you can use:

  • The GuitarHero World Tour Drums
  • A classic controller
  • An USB keyboard


GuitarsOnFire 1.1 Mario stage


Version 1.1

New Features:

  • Freestyle mode (Special thanks to WaxyPumpkin72 for the sound effects)
  • New difficulty/instrument selection menus
  • Online score list, see
  • New results screen after playing a song
  • Much requested volume settings
  • Low battery warning icon during gameplay. And auto pause if a controller disconnects.
  • Restart option in pause menu
  • Samba share option (see readme.txt)


  • Some audio fixes to make more songs playable
  • Many small things in the menus, larger texts, better fitting texts.
  • Loading is a bit faster now, and no longer speeds up at 90%.

Version 1.0

New Features:

  • Practice mode
  • Versus mode
  • Last man standing mode
  • 50/100/150/200 streak effect
  • GuitarHero World Tour Drums support
  • Experimental USB support (No idea if it works, enable it in the settings menu)
  • Saving settings
  • Saving of top scores and showing which songs you have compleeted already in the song list.


  • Song selection redone (now returns to where you last where)
  • Default neck is now gray
  • Custom stages can supply a own neck/effect texture and note 3D models.
  • Ajusted the hammeron note generation, makes less hammerons
  • Fixed crash bug related to audio. Also fixed a few causes where the audio would get out of sync.
  • Make sure there is a bit of time after the game start before the first song.
  • Many tiny things I forgot.

Version 0.8

Future version

Here I keep track of a list of things I want to get done in the next version. Not everything might make it, but these are the things I'm working on.

  • Advanced game mode: Momentum (as seen in GH5)
  • Change difficulty during play
  • Whammy bar effect
  • Solo sections (as seen in rockband)
  • Starpower/overdrive per player, as in GH5
  • New 3D model code for the notes
  • Downloading new songs and stages in game

If you want to see an updated state of the code, then you can look in my subversion repository. It should be compilable and pretty stable at all times.


Les Paul Controller USB Keyboard GameCube Controller ClassicController.svg Game Action Menu Action
Guitar Hero Strumbar RShift ↵ Enter Gamecube D-Pad Up Gamecube D-Pad Down Classic Left Control Stick Strum Navigate the menu
Green Fret Button F1 GameCube R Trigger Classic a Button Green Fret Select an item
Red Fret Button F2 Gamecube X Button Classic x Button Red Fret Cancel/exit menu
Yellow Fret Button F3 Gamecube Y Button Classic y Button Yellow Fret -
Blue Fret Button F4 Gamecube A Button Classic + Button Blue Fret -
Orange Fret Button F5 Gamecube B Button Classic R Trigger Orange Fret -
Wiimote + Button Escape GameCube START Button Classic - Button Menu Random song in song selection.


The FretsOnFire wiki contains a LONG list of songs that you can download here free. Or You Can Download Calthephenoms Demo Song Called "The Devil Lives In Ohio" or The ROFLCopter Of Appitilation By Calthephenom


Up from version v0.8 of GuitarsOnFire there was a gfx folder which allows you to change the look of some of the parts of the game. You can also add new stages in the stage folder.

Neck Mods (Note Highway):

  • Black Flames, Blue Neck
  • Tetris stage - More of a proof of concept of how powerful the stage editing is. All gfx replaced and with some fancy scripting you can play tetris in the background.
  • basic full screen background template - Also is a very simple not animated FoF stage.
  • [5] GOF Theme - Electrode [6]
  • [7] Theme: Legend of Zelda [8]
  • Strobe - Shows a flashing "light" in the background. The color depends on the key that is pressed on the controller.