Devkitppc setup (Mac OS X)

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A guide for Windows users can be found here


This tutorial aims to:

  • Show you how to setup the devkitppc development environment on a Mac OS X computer
  • Set you on the road to creating your own homebrew software to be loaded with the Twilight Hack

Installing devkitPPC

  • Install the Xcode tools (found either on your OS X install DVD or installling Xcode from the Mac App Store. If you install it from the Mac App Store, open Terminal, and then run any developer command, e.g clang or gcc to get the installation dialog.
  • Follow the instructions at devkitPro's 'Getting Started' Wiki to install the devkitPPC tools on OS X.

Building an Example Project

  • Launch Terminal (found in /Application/Utilities).
  • Type 'cd ', then drag in the folder for one of the example projects.
  • Type 'make', and your project will be built. A *.dol and *.elf file will appear in the folder.

Building a Project in Xcode

  • Launch Xcode.
  • Select "New Project…" from the File menu.
  • Under "Other", select "External Build System".
  • Name your project, and pick a place to save it.
  • Start by dragging in the Makefile and source folder from the 'template' example.
  • In the sidebar, under "Targets", double-click the target with your project's name.
  • In the window that appears, click the plus button to add two build settings named DEVKITPRO and DEVKITPPC with the same values as in the installation instructions.
  • Clicking "Build" should now build your project. Xcode will even give you appropriate errors if make can't build your project.