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The Wii Number is the 16-digit (and 64 bit) friend code of your Wii, which can be registered with other Wiis to exchange mail via WiiConnect24 (and now RiiConnect24).

It's made up of a few variables that identify your Wii:

  • Hollywood ID
    • The unique id of the Hollywood chip in the Wii
    • A 32 bit unsigned int
  • Counter (mod 32)
    • Increments every time you format your Wii, can range from 0-31, and back wraps around to 0 after it surpasses 31
  • Hardware Model
  • A 3 bit unsigned int, however, always lower than 4 as only 3 models where released to begin with
  • Area Code:
    • A 3 bit unsigned int, always lower than 4 as there was never more than 4 regions supported.
    • The values correlate as follows
      • Japan ("J") = 0,[1]
      • USA ("U") = 1,[2]
      • Europe ("E") = 2,[3]
      • Korea ("K") = 3[4]
  • CRC Checksum
    • Presumed to be a CRC10 checksum as it is contained within a 10 bit unsigned int[check]

These variables are then scrambled using a ton of complicated bitwise operations.

RiiConnect24 has source code to encode and decode a Wii Number. It has been ported to C, Golang, and Python.


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