Freespace 2 Wii

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Freespace 2 Wii
TypeOther game
Versionbeta 3
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
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Freespace 2 for the Wii. There are some minor graphical glitches, and the number of keys are limited on the Wii, but it is quite playable.

You must have a copy of Freespace 2 to use this, instructions are on the Google Code Wiki. If you do not have Freespace 2, you can grab it for real cheap online.

Change Log

  • beta 3 (5/18/09)
    • Path is now checked before starting load
    • USB2.0 hard-drives support via CIOS_usb2. If you do not have CIOS USB2 do not put Freespace2 files on your drive, without USB2 support the load times stutter gameplay.
  • beta 2 (5/17/09)
    • Now supports PAL resolution
    • Pilot files can now be recognized if they are copied in Windows
  • beta 1 (5/17/09)
    • Fixed line width and point size code
    • Fixed exit code
  • beta 0 (5/17/09)
    • Initial release


Completely customizable. See Google Code Wiki for example configurations.