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Bugiin icon.png
Author(s)Brunette redhead
TypeArcade game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Wiimote1.svg WiiMote2.svg SensorBar.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot


If you have ever played Mario Paint for the SNES, then you have probably played the Gnat Attack game (also known as Coffee Break). My game is a spinoff of this, created for the Wii. I took many creative liberties with it, including redoing all of the sound effects with my brother and my girlfriend, and switching up the game modes just a bit.

There are two main game modes, the "Classic" mode, which is level based much like the original. There is also a "Swarm" mode which features endless enemies.


Merge the contents of the zip file to the root of your SD card. Please note that when extracting the contents of the file are as follows:

/apps/bugiin/[bugiin files]

If copying from version 1.2 or later, the bugiin.cfg is not necissary and will replace your high scores and settings should you replace your older file with it.

After copying the files, insert your SD card and boot your Wii to the Hombrew Channel and you should be good to go.


Wiimote1.svg Action
Wii Remote Aim Aim swatter
Wiimote A Button or Wiimote B Button Swat
Wiimote HOME Button Exit
Wiimote + Button Pause/Options
Wiimote 1 Button Screenshot
Wiimote 2 Button Help

How to Play

  • Classic Mode

Classic mode consists of 5 levels of increasing difficulty that you must survive. To play simply use the wiimote to swat each of the bugs. Press the A or B button to swat.

To play with more than one wiimote, simply press the home button on an additional controller you wish to connect. Lives are shared between players, so when you initially join or when you die, a life is taken from the pool. If the pool of lives has only 1 life left, you will not be able to join or continue.

If all of the enemies are swatted (before they self destruct) then an extra life will be given. Once all the levels are completed, the levels will loop over, but your life count will remain the same. The level counter will also continue to increase, so go for the high score!

  • Swarm Mode

In this mode, one player will try to survive as long as possible against increasingly large swarms of bugs. An extra life is given every level, and after level 15 multiple lives are given. That doesn't mean that things get any easier, though.


  • Try using two wiimotes at once in Classic Mode to take out bugs twice as fast!
  • If the gnat spraying bugs are close to the bottom of the screen, they aren't an immediate threat, and can be left alone if other bugs need to be taken out.
  • Once you have missed one bug in the level, you will not be able to get the extra life bonus at the end. Don't hesitate to start dodging lesser threats, like the bomb bugs.

Bug Reports

If you have any issues at all, especially display issues, please let me know, as I have developed this only for my NTSC standard def TV and would love to make this functional for everyone. Also, any help with translation to other languages would be great, just contact me at brunetteredhead ---> vt [dot] edu

To Do

  • Custom music
  • Support for other TV resolutions
  • Challenge mode




V1.4 - 05/09/10

  • Changed the menus
  • Better hit detection
  • Different game over and level complete screens
  • Improved stability.

V1.3 - 07/01/09

  • Classic mode supports 2 players now.
  • An options menu has been added to select graphics mode and toggle music/sfx.
  • Swarm mode uses new swatter graphics.
  • Screen shots can be taken by pressing the 1 button at any time.
  • Pressing the 2 button brings up a help screen.
  • Pressing plus during gameplay pauses game.
  • Added border during gameplay.

V1.2 - 06/06/09

  • Fixed bug that could lead to crashes during close
  • Added many new graphical effects
  • Added high score for Classic mode
  • Added new skins for bugs, you can choose this at the main menu
  • Much much more...

V1.1 - 05/31/2009:

  • Added high score table.
  • Fixed levels to be a bit easier.

V1.0 - 05/30/2009:

  • Initial release.


Can be downloaded from the webarchive.