Bootmii/NAND dump format

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BootMii creates a 553649152-byte NAND dump called "nand.bin" on your SD card. It is formatted as:

  • 4096 * 64 pages of (2048 + 64) bytes of data + ECC
  • A 1024-byte footer with keying information

Specifically, the format is the say format as keys.bin


BootMii used to dump the keys to a separate file from the nand dump. this was later moved to the nand dump itself, but the format stayed the same. it is as following :

 typedef struct {
   u8 header[256];		// 256 bytes of human-readable information (e.g. "BackupMii v1\nConsole ID: badcafe0"), padded with null bytes
   u8 otp[128];         // 128 bytes of OTP data (copied directly from OTP)
   u8 padding[128];     // padding
   u8 seeprom[256];     // 256 bytes of SEEPROM data (copied directly from OTP)
   u8 padding2[256];    // padding
} keys_bin; 			// size: 0x400 bytes