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Piracy discussion is not permitted at WiiBrew. In addition to sharing ROMs (no matter how old), this also includes playing "backups," regardless of how they were obtained, on original hardware. This means no "USB Loader GX" or "Dolphin Emulator Ported to Wii." However, other software related to backups are permitted, such as game modding tools, WAD editors, and tools to obtain backups.

WAD installers are permitted, as long as they have proper checks to prevent pirated software from being installed. Drivechips are fine, assuming they are solely used to enable homebrew or fix bricks.

Also, in case it was unclear, linking to ROM download sites is prohibited.


There are 3 main reasons for this policy.

First, piracy hurts Nintendo. If backup players are discussed here, Nintendo will see this as a threat to themselves, and be more likely to fix exploits. While the Wii is no longer being maintained, many Wii hackers have moved on to newer consoles, which Nintendo does maintain.

Second, piracy is unethical. While many people claim to not be pirating, by releasing such loaders, piracy becomes more tempting. As SciresM said:


If someone begins using a backup player, they will eventually realize buying their games is pointless, and start downloading them instead. To prevent this, we must stay away from them at all costs.

Third, homebrew has always been questionable regarding the law. The DMCA technically prohibits it, but it rarely gets enforced. However, if homebrew suddenly becomes equivalent to piracy, WiiBrew may be taken down.