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Helpful Suggestions

Maybe can help for some parts of the code you need? -- TheOne 14:46, 15 Februari 2009 (UTC)

Requested Features

Download to Network Location

I want to download files to a network location using a Wii based browser. For example, let's say I'm sitting in front of my TV and want to watch an episode of I could just browse with my Wii to the torrent and download it to the network location. This location would be the "automatic folder" for a Bittorrent client on another computer. I could then watch the download progress using the client's html interface. When complete I can load up GeeXboX and enjoy the show, all without getting off of my couch. The missing piece is the browser with download capability. Hopefully Wii Xplore can provide it. LightningRat 20:15, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

Download to SD

I'd just like to be able to save files to my SD card. Like say there was a dol file somewhere to download. I could then save that to the root of my SD for loading via SD Loader, or save it to SD:\apps\somehomebrew\boot.dol and load it off of the HBC. But this may not be very important because most homebrews come in archives. Unless there were to be an archive browser for wii homebrew that could read most common formats (zip, rar, tar.gz, etc.), maybe a future feature to be implemented in the SD browser? ;-) - Twil 10:36 AM (Saskatchewan/Central Time), April 15, 2009.