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Liights Out!
TypePuzzle game
Version1.0 beta 5
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Wiimote1.svg ClassicController.svg GameCube Controller Loads files from the Front SD slot

Liights Out! is a puzzle game for the Wii, based on the classic puzzle game Lights Out.

The goal is to turn off all the lights on the board. When you toggle one light, the lights nearby also toggle.


For now, only the first Wiimote, Classic Controller, or Gamecube pad can be used to play the game.

Wiimote1.svg ClassicController.svgWiimote1.svg GameCube Controller Action
Wiimote D-Pad Classic D-Pad GameCube D-Pad Move cursor
Wiimote A Button Classic a Button Gamecube A Button Select
Wiimote - Button and Wiimote + Button Classic - Button and Classic + Button GameCube L Trigger and GameCube R Trigger Change levels
Wiimote HOME Button Classic HOME Button GameCube START Button Main Menu (or Quit)
Wiimote 2 Button Classic x Button Gamecube X Button Enable/Disable Free Mode



v1.0 beta 5

  • Fixed accidental logging, which caused the main menu to lag in beta 4
  • Fixed broken-looking background image in beta 4

v1.0 beta 4

  • Added some (rough) instruction pages
  • Improved menu navigation
  • Puzzles are now loaded from /apps/liightsout/data/puzzles.txt (you can create your own puzzles by editing this file!)
  • Added "Free Mode", allows you to freely toggle single lights. Useful for designing your own levels. No "save" function yet. Enable by pressing the Two (or X) button.
  • Probably some other changes I can't think of at the moment. :)

v1.0 beta 3

  • Not released

v1.0 beta 2

  • First public beta

Special Thanks

Coming soon...