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Litghost, I tested Freespace 2 beta today and I have to say it is working amazingly well. I only have three suggestions to improve Freespace 2 Wii:

  • Add an option to correct for TV overscan (only an issue in the main menu as I can't see what I'm selecting).
  • Make the text on the onscreen keyboard larger.
  • Add the ability to use the A and B buttons on the classic controller.

I also have a few questions.

  • Is Freespace 2 Wii compatible with the hi-resolution models?
  • How do you get the Gamecube controller running?
  • I know there are full versions of Freespace 2 floating around on the internet and appear to be legal freeware at this point. Would I be allowed to link to one of these?
  • Would you mind if I created a CONTROL section on the Freespace 2 Wii wiki page? I would be willing to show a couple different suggested control schemes, one with IR pointer, one without, and one with classic controller.

Finally, I have created a basic icon for use in the Homebrew browser and have uploaded it in the wiki page. Please feel free to replace this icon with one of your own, or to distribute it with your future releases. TheTome 00:22, 20 May 2009 (UTC))

my first time editing a wiki to add talking stuffs <3

good old games or somthing like that currently holds the rights to freespace 2 distrobution. so its not "free".