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wiimote does not work 1.0
Does not work with WiiMotion plus remotes. Dev needs to update his drivers Owen (talk) 15:58, 9 September 2018 (CEST)
^ will try to fix this
Thanks for testing and replying - did you get it to work with an original remote, or were you unable to play at all?I have the motion+ accessories for my wiimotes, never ended up getting a motion+ enabled wiimote. The majority of the game was developed in early 2010 before they were released. I was actually a little surprised it actually still built when I did a final compile after dusting it off last week. I don't know how well this system will take to trying to update anything, but if/when I release 1.1 I will try and correct this. Applicant 255 (talk) 15:22, 10 September 2018 (CEST)
I tried with my 3rd party Memorex Wiimote+, and it does work, but it makes the screen "twitchy" ... very odd. --Mr. Reaper (talk) 19:16, 10 September 2018 (CEST)
Comments by Mr. Reaper

Wow, pretty cool game. Very impressive. Where did you come from? heh. Here are some notes:

Instructions need to be found in-game. Perhaps have a Help screen. Much of the information on your website would be good in the game somewhere, like the weapon descriptions and controls. The menu screens could use some more info too, like showing somewhere "Use +/- to change screens," or just have some clickable left/right arrows at the corners of the screens. I was not sure where to click on some screens. To select a weapon to upgrade, you click the weapon name, but I kept trying to click above or below the blue dot to select a laser color. Then on the Item Selection screen you do need to click above and below the blue dots.... All of this took me some time to figure out. I think you need to have like "empty circles" where you need to click, and when you click one, then the blue dot fills in the circle. Make that standard for all selections and it's less confusing.

I could not tell how much Radar costs.... And Reactor Storage Max upgrades seem to be completely free. When you're on the upgrade screen, it should show how many credits you have available.

The game could really use an onscreen crosshair. The nunchuck turning seems a bit too sensitive. The Laser really needs to be able to change spectrum without needing to go back to the menu -- perhaps have each direction on the d-pad select a different color, or just cycle them. Weapon cycling should only happen one time when you press the A button, instead of continually cycling; maybe use the "button release" event.

It might be better to just have the player select his two weapons before starting the game. --Mr. Reaper (talk) 08:39, 10 September 2018 (CEST)

Super formal reply to the above
Thanks for testing and the notes. I'll try to take it point by point here:
Instructions/help in game
This was on my feature list, but beneath a bunch of other planned items. Part of the reason this hasn't been high on the priority list has been that in the past 8+ years I've been the only one to ever play the game, so 100% of the player base has seen every line of code that built the game, so even with bouts of memory loss, drunkenness and even taking into account the general stupidity and simplicity of the interface, all of the players so far have a conveniently complete understanding of the interface. Obviously since other people have started to play it suddenly at least 66% of the playerbase now has a markedly less intuitive grasp of wtf is going on. I can see three main options:
  • your suggestion, adding a help screen with basically the help page from the website. This is probably the most correct way to address the situation, however it would take a fair bit of time to get right, and I haven't been developing this actively, just releasing it because it's been sitting around.
  • point people to the website - this might be easiest, the internet is probably a better presentation and info delivery method. I don't think the game is so complicated that the basics can't be grasped from a cursory glance there.
  • just throw my phone number up as a help line - this option amuses me; I never called the Nintendo help line back when it existed, but it's probably a niche enough audience that I wouldn't exactly be overwhelmed with phone calls on a day-to-day basis, and would very likely be less work than putting in a few help pages.
+ / - clickable buttons for navigation
yeah, this is on the list of things that never got in, though this should be simpler than an infodump like a help screen. This is more likely to make it into a hypothetical next release.
it's not super obvious, and often confusing/contradictory where to click buttons
The hotspots for where to click are pretty easy to edit, I'll widen out the ones you mentioned to include the dot area and text area. The interface was very much secondary to the ingame stuff, and really only built out of necessity, just enough so it would work. Swapping weapons, acquiring weapons in the first place, upgrades, all of it was very subject to change, possibly from a shop to a powerup system or one of several other wacky designs.
Radar cost doesn't show
Should be an easy fix, it's that way mostly because I wasn't sure of how much or even if it should cost money to purchase, or just be an option to turn on/off. For now, know that it is 1000 Zambezion hypercredits - keep that under your hat.
Reactor Storage Max is free
This is again the result of my playtesting method not actually coming to any conclusion. I really liked the idea of these being powerups you occasionally won, either just at random or with a third grabby hand thingy you had to use instead of shooting to reach out and grab powerups. I might fold this into the cost of the other reactor upgrade, so that it charges faster and has a higher max, or might charge a small separate fee in the next version. Grabby hand powerups are probably not gonna be forthcoming, if I'm honest with how the development cycle is going right now.
Credits don't show on the shop screen
Yeah, this should have been done properly, and is easy to do, this will probably be put in a potential 1.1 release.
Onscreen crosshair
This was something I went back and forth on. The laser itself was I think initially a laser sight, not a laser blower-upper. Crosshairs for homing missile targets, a big oval or lots of little scattering crosshairs for the vaporizer, on screen parabolas showing where a shot would descend into the landscape. Part of the problem with it is where do you display the crosshairs, as you don't point the wiimote at the enemy and click, firing directly from screen to enemy, but instead launch the shot from a central bottom portion of the screen out into 3d where it might intersect with the enemy or ground along the way. Putting up a crosshair is easy enough ( the cursor on the shop screen is actually displayed as a sprite in the same 3d space as the enemies ) but choosing where to display the crosshair is a bit ambiguous. Target selection for missiles was automatic for this reason, so I didn't have to think about how to designate targets.
Nunchuck sensitivity training
Should be doable in the next version, just a copy/paste twice of the sound/music volume widgets and move them down a bit, add in X/Y sensitivity.
Ingame laser spectrum changes
Yeah, this bit of interface was a bit of a bodge, I wasn't sure yet if I'd go all the way and charge for changes, or leave them free, or make the choice permanent at the beginning or make this a powerup you could choose to grab, or make them additive, creating a multispectral weapon that pulsed a spit out various different beams of light.
change weapon on button release, not button held
This is a reasonable request, next version
Weapon selection at the beginning of the game
Yeah, initially weapons were going to be gained with each level, then I thought purchase weapons individually, make the directional pad choose individual weapons. This choice could be made on the title screen.
Again, thanks for all the comments and suggestions, input is appreciated. Do keep in mind that when I say next release that so far I've only managed one release for each ~decade of development, and I alternate between fits of productivity sandwiched inbetween long stretches of being spectacularly lazy.Applicant 255 (talk) 15:22, 10 September 2018 (CEST)
You totally should have released this 10 years ago, back when the Wii homebrew scene was active. It would have made a pretty big splash back then. Even as a simple "demo game" it's pretty impressive for Wii homebrew. There are definitely many directions you could go with this as a base.
Don't overthink the crosshair; all it needs is a simple indicator on the screen that shows where the gun is aiming. It would be most helpful for the guns that shoot straight bullets, but even with like the vaporizer or missiles, it would help you determine the height you are aiming, so it's not too high or low.
Oh, and for help screens, it could just be as simple as taking screenshots of the text & pages on your website, and allow paging through those images somewhere in the game. Easy. Though a help phone line would be pretty funny, hah. Speaking of your website, the images that cycle at the top don't all have a uniform height, and that causes the text below to constantly move up and down when I'm trying to read it. It may have to do with me using an outdated browser, but it makes reading really difficult! Does your website have a helpline I can call to complain? ;) --Mr. Reaper (talk) 19:16, 10 September 2018 (CEST)
Weapon balance

I was just giving each weapon a good testing. The turrets seem pretty lame. Especially the light one. Maybe better splash damage would help them. The Light one definitely needs a better rate of fire from the start. I couldn't make it very far using the turrets. The Rockets seem pretty nice. They seem well-balanced. I thought the Vaporizer was overpowered. Just using it alone I made it pretty far. I think it should be limited to be a close-range weapon, perhaps having an arcing trajectory so that the shots can't travel very fer. Then I tried the laser, and the Vaporizer no longer looked so over-powered, heh. I scored like 5000 points just using the Laser. It's probably overpowered.... Specifically, the Blue Laser. There are few blue enemies, and the big blue things are slow. Once I upgraded the laser I didn't need to bother switching color even for the blue guys; they went down pretty fast.

It seems like just sticking to a single weapon is the best strategy. Perhaps you need to make more dramatic differences in close vs long range weapons, so that both need to be upgraded and utilized. Like have the missile only work for long-range targets (maybe they won't lock on at short range) and the Vaporizer for shot range, as above. Not sure what you can do with the laser. Maybe a much slower rate of fire so that it becomes difficult to use at close range. The Light Turret could be adjusted to make it better at long range (better ROF and shot speed, but no slash damage), and the Heavy for short (slower but with more splash damage). But that would make 3 long-range guns (Light Turret, Rockets, Laser) and only 2 short-range (Vaporizer, Heavy Turret). Maybe add like an electric pulse shield as a 3rd short-range weapon, which sends out a damaging pulse in all directions, to a limited range....

Anyway, I'm just throwing out ideas. Also, the "ENG" rating is a bit arcane. Perhaps extend the text a bit longer so it could say , "EFFICIENCY" or something a bit more clear as to what it does. --Mr. Reaper (talk) 23:56, 11 September 2018 (CEST)

Can you add an alt set of controls?

More specifically, one that doesn't require IR, i think that a good one would be: D-Pad moves camera around, Nunchuck stick aims (with crosshair of course)

Also, is it okay if i make a PC version?