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Here's what i would put on this page:
Custom IOS(cIOS) is the term used for piracy related modified IOS. Most of them use IOS36 or IOS38 as base IOS and add several patches to it. The piracy related patches are the reason why they are considered illegal and not allowed on WiiBrew. But in the right hands they are useful for some homebrew: They have the trucha bug to allow the installation of custom titles, like channels or other modified IOS, sadly this allows warez to be installed as well. They also allow to use ES_Identify which is required for some homebrew like AnyTitle Deleter or Gecko OS(channel loading and rebooter). On top of that they have patched nand permissions to allow to easily read and write every file on nand. The IOS slots 249, 250, 222 and 223 are mostly used by different cIOS, which was the reason why these got stubbed on the 4.2 update. --WiiPower 21:37, 17 October 2009 (UTC)

Why talk about cIOS on WiiBrew?

I would say the some information about cIOS won't harm WiiBrew. "Know your enemy"... --WiiPower 21:37, 17 October 2009 (UTC)