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Background music

The background music is from the artist Ermakov Dmitry and it is named "Touch 2005".

Here you can find some information about the track: Ermakov Dmitry - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Music.

I extracted the background music from the ELF-file. If you want it, ask for it via e-mail (

If you want to extract the music by yourself:

1. Download the ELF-file and open it with an hex-editor.

2. The MP3-data can be identified by the following pattern:

 Start of MP3 (without the quotes):
 "ÿû" <some characters> "Info" <some characters> "LAME"
 End of the MP3 (without the quotes):
 "LAME3.96.1" <followed by a lot of this character: "ª">

3. In the elf-file, there are many MP3s stored. The background music is the last one.

4. Remove all characters at the beginning of the song (means: all characters before the string "ÿû").

5. Remove all characters at the end of the song (means: all characters after the last character "ª").

6. Save the resulting file as "Ermakov Dmitry - Touch 2005.mp3" (or what name you preferred).

7. Optional: Add tags to the MP3-file.

--DummyUser 09:38, 3 January 2010 (UTC)