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GeckoOS 1.07a

now you can copy all 'no copy flag' saves this includes Virtual console game saves with save states and games such as Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero AeroSmith, Dr. Mario Online RX. (thanks brkirch and kenobi)

also can now move the DVD channel. (thanks pizzaboy)

GeckoOS 1.07

Whats New:

1. USB Gecko Rebooter with Master hook! 2. Universal System Menu rebooter options!

What is Rebooter?

This is pure USB Gecko awesomeness, What this does is reboots the console but with a 'Master Hook' enabled. Which means you can use WiiRD just about anywhere, including the system menu itself for remote debugging, downloading, testing patches or in any games.

If you are a cheat code hacker, master hook will stay alive when your game is loaded so you can remote debug any game that wasn't possible with GeckoOS normal loader. We have even created a silent loader which will also boot all Multi DOL games like Red Steal and house of the dead 2/3 which was not possible before!.

Exta Rebooter Options: (Can be used even if no USB Gecko)

1. Boot into Recovery Diagnostics mode (Boots Nintendo Diagnostic DVD's) 2. Boot all Import Games (Wii & Gamecube) (no modchip required!) As an added bonus our patch detects the game inserted and will patch the correct TV mode. All DVD update checks will be removed when this is selected. 3. Skip Button check - Just skips the A button check. 4. No Copy flag. With this enabled, you can now copy your protected Wii save games (SSBB etc) to SD card in the system menu as you would any other save!

As an added bonus for None USB Gecko users i've added ocarina to work with rebooter. Just make sure its enabled in the 'config' menu like before

Rebooter uses progressive scan patching so will work on all regions and versions System Menu 3.2 and 3.3

Again we didn't have time to add Ocarina / WiiRD to Gamecube mode, but we know how now so expect to see this very soon.

Gecko 1.06f + Ocarina & Gamecube Game Support

GeckoOS is now combined with ocarina, with lots of bugs fixed. This is not a major release but alot of nice things have been fixed.

Things fixed.

1. Gamecube Games / Imports now supported (thanks bushing!) 2. Date and Time issue fixed in games like Wii Sports, Brawl. 3. Glitching games fixed, i.e Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, Metroid Prime 3 etc. 4. Sound fixed in Twilight Princess when using Gecko OS, WiiRD 5. SD Card bug fixed. Now you can still access the SD Card when using ocarina. 6. Disabled Wiimote when going in GC mode to avoid battery drainage.


1. Ocarina (thanks Link) 2. Some Extra hook types. 3. Turn Off and On Ocarina.

Some backend features have been added.

Things to note:

Ocarina just works as before, the codes need to be placed in the folder 'codes' on the SD card. Ocarina can be turned off in the config menu.

Check out the USB Gecko Forums if need any help.

Link for Ocarina, code manager and lots of other great tools. Kenobi & Y.S for the cheat handler!.


Please note I take 'no' responsibility for the use of this software, If a game doesn't work you can report this in the USB Gecko forums, and I will try to fix it for the next release. It has worked on all games I've tried however I can not afford to buy all games so will need beta testers :) This will NOT work with backups without a modchip.