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Everybody Votes Channel
Version 0.4 (4)
Description This channel allows users to submit votes towards pre-selected polls and view results.
Type Downloaded channel
Peripherals Wiimote1.svg
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Blocks (channel/save) 54 / 2
Requires WiiConnect24
Downloadable via the Wii Shop Channel

The Everybody Votes Channel allows users to vote from one of two options on an all manner of questions, and then compare it with what the rest of the users around the world think, over the Internet. Each Mii has its own vote.
After voting, you can make a guess on which answer will be the most common one, and when the poll closes, you can compare your prediction with other users.

You can also submit a question to Nintendo for usage in the voting process.

It downloads small .bin files for the poll content and for other purposes. They are all between 1 KB or 5 KB in size, so nothing very large is downloaded.

Some of the files that the channel retrieves are below:

When you vote, the software sends a request to a cgi-script getting the time via the Last-Modified header, presumably for when the last poll was published:


Once that happens, it loads the voting bins from above. Upon voting, another cgi script is called, vote.cgi, is called in the following format:


Submitting a question is similar, with a suggest.cgi.


The Channel wants a response simply saying `100`.

EVC also stores your answers and questions in the Wii's internal filesystem in the WiiConnect24-folder.

RiiConnect24 has brought back the Everybody Votes Channel.