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This article lists every major Linux distribution available for the Nintendo Wii. The distributions that have been abandoned/deprecated are listed in the Talk page.


  • Based on Debian Jessie 8.0
  • Made by neagix, who keeps the repository for the distribution on github

Includes several different branches of implementations of the GNU/Linux kernel:

Current working features:

  • WiFi
  • Reading DVD-ROMs
  • Xorg (using the framebuffer)

Last Update: 6 September 2017.


  • Based on Debian Lenny 5.0
  • Made by gc-linux team
  • Major update with many new apps and features
  • Wifi Support when running with MikeP4
  • DVD Support when running with MikeP5
  • Easy wifi config tool (in /home/wii/)
  • Version 1.10 (Debian Lenny 5.0) Download
  • Current kernel version is MikeP5 based on linux kernel 2.6.32
  • Last updated: 21 Oct 2009


WiiToo! is a minimal precompiled stage4 made to let you run Gentoo on your Wii using MIKE and Mini. It provides all the basic software required to compile and install new programs on it, and some other software ready to be used. The kernel used is plain vanilla-sources & Wii-Linux patches, so expect WiFi working out of the box.

  • Ready to use, uncompress, copy, configure and run
  • Highly configurable, like Gentoo
  • USB keyboard isn't a requirement, simply configure your network and use SSH
  • Can use all the hardware that Wii-Linux is able to use
  • Last update: 29 October 2009


  • Arch Linux PPC for the Wii
  • Designed for use with the new MIKE p1 kernel but can be made to work with Boot it or any other kernel release.
  • Made By TheStorm/JonimusPrime and zc00gii
  • Is designed for more advanced users to create from scratch but minimal and X11 file-system tars are available
    • The X11 tar has X.Org installed along with the OpenBox3 WM and Cwiid for Wiimote input
    • It also includes the Opera Browser, X-Chat IRC client and Pidgin IM client
    • The Minimal image is just enough to get you booted and the end user can install any packages they wish using pacman
  • ArchWiki-WiiTutorial
  • File-system tars can be found here
  • Last updated: 11 July 2009


  • Whiite but with the X.Org environment successfully implemented.
  • It currently uses kernel 2.6.27b.
  • It also includes some applications including Firefox.
  • It uses the whiite method of installation
  • It has now been updated to v0.2
  • Made by bertjan
  • v0.2 Download
  • Last updated: 02 December 2008