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This category contains all the templates for controller buttons.

Button Template
Wii Remote Aim {{WiimoteAim}}
Wiimote D-Pad {{WiimoteDPad}}
Wiimote D-Pad Up {{WiimoteDPadUp}}
Wiimote D-Pad Down {{WiimoteDPadDown}}
Wiimote D-Pad Left {{WiimoteDPadLeft}}
Wiimote D-Pad Right {{WiimoteDPadRight}}
Wiimote A Button {{WiimoteAButton}}
Wiimote B Button {{WiimoteBButton}}
Wiimote 1 Button {{Wiimote1Button}}
Wiimote 2 Button {{Wiimote2Button}}
Wiimote - Button {{WiimoteMinusButton}}
Wiimote + Button {{WiimotePlusButton}}
Wiimote HOME Button {{WiimoteHomeButton}}
Wiimote Power Button {{WiimotePowerButton}}
Wii Remote Horizontal Tilt {{WiimoteHorizontalTilt}}
Wii Remote Vertical Tilt {{WiimoteVerticalTilt}}
Nunchuck alternative.svg
Button Template
Nunchuck Control Stick {{NunchukControlStick}}
Nunchuck Z Button {{NunchukZButton}}
Nunchuck C Button {{NunchukCButton}}
Button Template
Classic Left Control Stick {{ClassicLControlStick}}
Classic Right Control Stick {{ClassicRControlStick}}
Classic a Button {{ClassicAButton}}
Classic b Button {{ClassicBButton}}
Classic x Button {{ClassicXButton}}
Classic y Button {{ClassicYButton}}
Classic L Trigger {{ClassicLTrigger}}
Classic R Trigger {{ClassicRTrigger}}
Classic ZL Button {{ClassicZLButton}}
Classic ZR Button {{ClassicZRButton}}
Les Paul Controller
Button Template
Green Fret Button {{GHGreenFret}}
Red Fret Button {{GHRedFret}}
Yellow Fret Button {{GHYellowFret}}
Blue Fret Button {{GHBlueFret}}
Orange Fret Button {{GHOrangeFret}}
Guitar Hero Control Stick {{GHControlStick}}
Guitar Hero Strumbar {{GHStrum}}
Guitar Hero Strumbar up {{GHStrumUp}}
Guitar Hero Strumbar Down {{GHStrumDown}}
Template:GHWhammyBar {{GHWhammyBar}}
Template:GHPlusButton {{GHPlusButton}}
Template:GHMinusButton {{GHMinusButton}}
GameCube Controller
Button Template
GameCube Control Stick {{GCControlStick}}
GameCube D-Pad {{GCDPad}}
Gamecube D-Pad Up {{GCDPadUp}}
Gamecube D-Pad Down {{GCDPadDown}}
Gamecube D-Pad Left {{GCDPadLeft}}
Gamecube D-Pad Right {{GCDPadRight}}
GameCube START Button {{GCStartButton}}
Gamecube A Button {{GCAButton}}
Gamecube B Button {{GCBButton}}
Gamecube X Button {{GCXButton}}
Gamecube Y Button {{GCYButton}}
GameCube Z Button {{GCZButton}}
GameCube L Trigger {{GCLTrigger}}
GameCube R Trigger {{GCRTrigger}}
Gamecube C Control Stick {{GCControlStickC}}
Button Template
Wii POWER Button {{WiiPowerButton}}
Wii RESET Button {{WiiResetButton}}
Wii EJECT Button {{WiiEjectButton}}
Wii U GamePad
Button Template
Wii U GamePad D-Pad {{WiiUGamePadDPad}}
Wii U Controller D-Pad Up {{WiiUGamePadDPadUp}}
Wii U Controller D-Pad Down {{WiiUGamePadDPadDown}}
Wii U Controller D-Pad Left {{WiiUGamePadDPadLeft}}
Wii U Controller D-Pad Right {{WiiUGamePadDPadRight}}
Wii U GamePad Left Control Stick {{WiiUGamePadLControlStick‎}}
Wii U GamePad Right Control Stick {{WiiUGamePadRControlStick‎}}
Wii U GamePad A Button Button {{WiiUGamePadAButton}}
Wii U GamePad B Button Button {{WiiUGamePadBButton}}
Wii U GamePad X Button Button {{WiiUGamePadXButton}}
Wii U GamePad Y Button Button {{WiiUGamePadYButton}}
Wii U GamePad START Button {{WiiUGamePadSTARTButton}}
Wii U GamePad SELECT Button {{WiiUGamePadSELECTButton}}
Wii U GamePad HOME Button {{WiiUGamePadHomeButton}}
Wii U GamePad Power Button {{WiiUGamePadPowerButton}}
Wii U GamePad TV Button {{WiiUGamePadTVButton}}
Wii U GamePad L Button Button {{WiiUGamePadLButton}}
Wii U GamePad R Button Button {{WiiUGamePadRButton}}
Wii U GamePad ZL Button Button {{WiiUGamePadZLButton}}
Wii U GamePad ZR Button Button {{WiiUGamePadZRButton}}

For keys on the USB Keyboard , see Template:Keypress

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