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Author(s)madmanguruman, ledow
TypePuzzle game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Wiimote.svg ClassicController.svg USB Keyboard

This is my port of ledow's GP2X SDL port of Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection.

ledow was not involved in this endeavor, so please direct any questions to the discussion page and not to him.

The page that was formerly under my profile has been closed since it hadn't been updated in quite some time.

04/24/2015: I gave up my Wii years ago. I also moved the source code to GitHub due to the impending closure of Google Code. If anyone wants to take this project over, let me know.

What's new

Version 0.3:

  • Compiled against libogc SVN r4414 / SDL-Wii r95 / STPPC2X r185
  • New game added

Version 0.2:

  • Mouse droppings cleaned up - far less problems now
  • STPPC2X updated to rev 163 - several new games added
  • USB keyboard functionality improved greatly (see below)
  • Custom .ini files (global and per-game config) no longer being dropped in the root of the SD card

Version 0.1:

  • initial release

Known issues

There are bugs, and the documentation sucks, but the puzzles are playable. Main issues are mouse droppings here and there. The music occasionally bleeps and bloops but that's life.

The built-in documentation is a little weak - refer here for the best info until I get around to updating the docs in the app.

Some games are missing in-game help; the files are also missing from the STPPC2X SVN repo.

Screenshots -do- work despite the app complaining whenever you take one.

For some reason, some of the effects aren't working as they should. The *net* game should have smoothly-rotating tiles when they're selected; they don't rotate at all on any Wii build. I don't know if the issue is with SDL-Wii or what - at some point I need to dig a little deeper. Some of the games have 'victory' animations which are also absent.

Debug notes will be kept at the dev page.


Unzip all to /apps/stppwii and you're good to go.

You will need a wiimote and either a classic controller or USB keyboard.


The music files are huge: get them from here: ledow's site - they are optional of course. Add ".mp3" to the ends of the file names to make them work and copy them to the /apps/stppwii/music folder.


You will need to include SDL Wii to build the application.


ClassicController.svg + Wiimote.svg USB Keyboard Action
Wiimote.svg Navigate
Wiimote A Button A Left-click
Wiimote B Button B Right-click
Wiimote 1 Button or Wiimote 2 Button Middle-click
Wiimote D-Pad Navigate menus
Classic L Trigger L Cycle virtual digit (ingame) / cycle save slot (game menu)
Classic R Trigger R Cycle virtual digit (ingame) / cycle save slot (game menu)
Classic x Button X Enter virtual digit (ingame) / set config (game menu)
0 - 9 Enter digit directly
Classic L Trigger + Classic R Trigger Save and exit game (ingame) / delete custom config (game menu)
Wiimote HOME Button P Start game (game menu) / toggle pause (ingame)
Wiimote HOME Button + Classic L Trigger Start game ignoring settings (game menu)
Wiimote HOME Button + Classic R Trigger Start game ignoring settings (game menu)
Wiimote + Button + Wiimote - Button S Auto-solve (ingame) / load saved game (game menu)
Classic ZL Button Z Exit program (game menu) / Restart (ingame) / Save (game menu)
Classic ZR Button PrtScr Screenshot

External links

Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection

ledow's STPPC2X page on Google Code