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Wanted Apps
If you want an app added, list it in the following format:
<pre>* [[Page name|App name]] version</pre>
* [[QRevPAK|Quake Rev PAK]] Release 1. (Also, if possible, to delete/tag as deprecated [[Q1Rev]], [[QWRev]], [[Q2Rev]], [[Q2CTFRev]] .)
* The [ Demo] application of [[Wire3D|Wire3D]]
* Linux Repo
* New Repo for [ SMW Stuff]
* [[Scummvm]] games
** They're free on the website so I dont think it's illegal... [[User:Randomdude|Randomdude]] 21:32, 14 December 2010 (CET)
* [[BoltThrower|Bolt Thrower]] v0.62
=== Apps deliberately not included in standard HBB Repo ===

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