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Software features
* Audio visualizations {{Talk:WiiMC/New}}
** Feel free to use the projectm port I started ( I don't have time to expand WiiRadio any further right now, but who knows maybe someday. Yes the rendering is GX not SDL :P --[[User:Scanff|Scanff]] 09:31, 19 September 2011 (CEST)
* Better randomizer for shuffle playback (replaying a song only 2 songs later when you have over 100 songs = FAIL) - while technically "random", it's pointless and just plain annoying in practicality.{{Talk:WiiMC/New}}
* Longer visible tag info, mainly on the screen saver with considerable unused room (example: "Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time" by itself gets cut off) {{Talk:WiiMC/New}}

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